About Distels

dis·tels: Dutch for thistles

Any of various prickly, composite plants having showy, purple flower heads,especially of the genera Cirsium, Carduus, or Onopordum.

Who am I

During office hours: a network engineer.
In her spare time: practitioner of creative hobby projects.
Including, but not limited to: Cooking, knitting and other yarn crafts, handmade stuff, fermenting foods and drinks, sewing, playing with gadgets, computer games, nature and gardening, critters and insects, arts and crafts, playing the saxophone, etc. etc. etc.

What is distels.com about

This blog is about things I like to do, which are a lot actually. I’m not the type of person to stick to one hobby my whole life (excluding saxophone playing, certain friends and my husband). I need variation in spending my free time, which gives me energy and inspiration. I like to experiment and learn, try out new things and produce something nice or edible in the process, or learn from my mistakes, laugh about it and maybe do it again 🙂



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